Certificate for domain registration

"Bestname" company provides the opportunity for customers who have registered a domain with us to get a domain certificate.

It contains information about the domain, owner and the period of delegation. The certificate is issued on the original letterhead with the signature and stamp of the director. The domain certificate located in a conspicuous place, will emphasize the solidity of your company, and it will also be an excellent addition if the domain is purchased as a gift!

A certificate can be issued to a legal entity or an individual, depending on who you purchase the certificate for.

The cost of the domain certificate is only 78 uah.

You can order a certificate for the domain from the control panel by selecting the appropriate item in the menu. The certificate is sent within 3-5 days after payment is received. The certificate is delivered by Ukrposhta within Ukraine to the address you specify.

In case of loss of the domain certificate you can order a new one.

We also offer to order the SSL certificate, required to encrypt the communication channel between the user's browser and your site. This is especially important if users need to enter any credentials - login and password, personal information, as well as enter confidential information, such as credit cards - to work with your site. Concern for security has a positive effect on search engine rankings and user trust.

Domain certificate example Образец сертификата
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