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One of the most important services for our regular customers is the renewal of the domain. It would seem that such a simple procedure, but even there, we have a significant advantage in comparison with competitors. It is in the automation of the process.

If most other domain zone owners are forced to extend domains manually, which can take a long time, in our service everything is done automatically with the help of software. In other words, the time between the procedure and the result is minimal and does not exceed several minutes.

Convenience in Detail

If you are the first to register a domain name, and do not know what the renewal is, you can get all the necessary information on our website. In fact, this is akin to updating a subscription to a magazine - after expiration of the payment term it is necessary to register it again. Our key advantage is the simplicity and speed with which you can extend the domain. It is achieved through:

  • - automation of the process with the help of software;
  • - short and convenient form, which can be filled in just in 1 minute;
  • - a variety of payment methods, among which you can find the right one for you.

Our clients have been able to see these merits. Try and you.

Price question

The cost of our services should please even the most demanding users - in comparison with the largest players of the market we offer very adequate prices and much better quality. If you do not have wide financial resources, but want to open your site, the best option is to register a domain name with us.

All our services are very cheap. Discounts are given to regular customers ordering for long periods. With us you can quickly and conveniently extend the domain for any period without any fuss and technical problems.

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